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Every new device is expected to be better than the last, capable of more.

This applies to all markets – domestic, industrial and medical.

That is why F Care Systems has developed the brand new MedRF4000 the world’s first device that solely utilises radiofrequency and which can be used to treat every conceivable condition which responds to radiofrequency energy.

If you are interested in offering the most advanced techniques, then the MedRF4000  is for you. The principle of thermocoagulation guarantees an effective intervention in just a few minutes – it is safe, reliable, adaptable and minimises complications for your patient.


How it works ?

Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 9.40.56 AM.png

More Info

The MedRF4000  supports practitioners during the treatment

by providing real-time information. This means they remain

in complete control and can inform the patient as to progress.

The device guides them through the procedure from start to

finish, ensuring a successful treatment.

More Flexibility

The MedRF4000  adapts to the needs of your practice and patients. Adding new treatment options is fast and easy.

You simply call us for a free software installation. You only pay for the new disposables.

The settings are flexible as well. For each treatment, you

select the pre-configured settings or you can adjust

the settings manually. You are in control. In most cases,

it’s ‘plug and play’.

In addition, the MedRF4000  is a compact and portable

device – useful for when it is needed in various venues

or for when it needs to be stored away when not required.

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